Rustic Heart Wall Decor

Ah Valentines week, a week when PDA's, over extravagant floral bouquets and copious amounts of chocolate are universally acceptable.  I freely admit I ate my weight in candy and had a fabulous Valentines day.  So much so that I was inspired to create a new home decor piece with my favorite
DecoArt products 

Rustic Heart Wall Plaque


Red Organza
Red Seed Beads
10" MDF Heart

To Create

Prepare the MDF base with two coats of white gesso, allow to dry fully.  Mix one part water with one part PVA glue and spray generously over the surface and allow to dry slightly.

Before the PVA has dried completely crumple up a sheet of tissue, open it out without flattening it and place over the surface of the MDF heart.

Press firmly in place, you want to have lots of texture and creases so do not stretch the tissue, allow it to crumple.

Dry completely, a heat gun or dryer can speed up the process.  To remove the surplus tissue around the edges I find that using a sanding block rubbed along the edges in a downward motion provides a clean edge and prevents the tissue from tearing which can happen when using a craft knife.

I wanted a matt finish so I used the DecoArt Chalk Finish paint to cover the entire piece.

To create the edge shading I first used the 'Sap Green' applied in a light sweeping motion from the edges towards the center to create a fading effect and allowed to dry before then using the 'Carbon' lightly around the edges and blend into the Sap Green.

Using a script stamp from my stash and black ink I added stamped segments to the surface. Followed by some light shading using the 'Enchanted' green to the top left corner and the right side of the heart as a base for the floral die cuts. 

Using the 'Birds' stencil and the 'Carbon' Chalky Finish Paint I added the beautiful bird silhouette to the surface before adding the Handmade flowers made from the new Florartistry dies (Launching Soon).

Around the blooms and foliage I added some shading using more of the 'Carbon' with a soft brush using light strokes to finish.

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Florartistry Dies Launching Soon

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Make a Wish !

Hey everyone, so excited today as this is my first project as part of the DecoArt Outreach Bloggers Programme. So I had a piece of MDF measuring 11" x 4" and decided to make some home decor lushness.  Details and a mini tutorial below.


How it's done

First prime the MDF with a layer of white gesso and allow to dry.

Next I used the stencil and chose the dandelion portion as my pattern and using the dimensional effect paste I added the motif to the entire piece of MDF.  Make sure to clean the stencil of any excess dimensional paste, the best way is to use a spatula and return the paste to the tub for future use.

Before adding the acrylic I wanted to ensure that the dimensional effect paste was fully dry.  I used a dryer to speed things up.

For the base wash I took two parts Cobalt Teal Hue and one part water, mixed together and then using a soft wide brush I applied a coat to the base and allowed it to dry fully.

Next I mixed one part Primary Cyan and one part water together and brushed a light coating of this onto the base but concentrated on smaller areas rather than covering the whole piece and before it dried I dabbed it back a little with tissue to reduce the intensity of the color and give it a more stained look.

Once dried I used some of the Green Gold in light strokes in small areas and again using tissue dabbed the color to mute it a little and soften the blending.  I then used a damp paintbrush to soften the blending a little more to remove any 'edges'

Using one part Primary Magenta and three parts water mixed together and a smaller soft brush I used a 'tapping' technique with the brush to create paint drops onto the canvas, again dabbing with tissue to soften the tone.

 Once dry using my finger I rubbed in a little of the Antiquing Cream around the edges of the canvas to 'age' it a little.

Finally to give the Illusion of some shadows I use a regular 0.5 felt pen to add a few dashes along the edges of the dimensional areas .

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Kids Craft Nightlight with Xyron

Yikes another term with Xyron is coming to a close, where does the time go?.  For the final project of the term we had to come up with some fun projects that children could make with Xyron and I was in my craft room brainstorming with the smallest little helper and he was playing with an empty candy tube and a mini torch when we had a real lightbulb moment, literally.

When he shone the torch into the tube it lit up and he said how cool it would be to have a nightlight made from the tube !.  

We raided the cabinets for the remaining Christmas candy and emptied the tubes into a jar and yippie we had enough tubes for a mini nightlight.

So project manager Ryan dug out some left over christmas lighting strips, an old cardboard box lid and the candy tubes.  I grabbed my Xyron Creative Station, Xyron 1.5" disposable Sticker Maker, Xyron High Tack Double Sided Adhesive, Xyron Mega Runner and some fun paper from the DCWV 'Chic Chat' stack and away we went.

To prepare the tubes we removed the lids but kept them safe as they will be glued back into place.  On the bottom of the tubes we removed the bases carefully.

Ryan added strips of the double sided adhesive to one side of each tube.

For the base we took the box lid and covered it using the Xyron Creative Station.

On the side we made a window for the on/off switch control

We lined the tubes up and stuck them together and using a pencil marked out the outline so we could make the holes for the lighting strip.

Once we had threaded the lighting strip through we secured the strips upright using some cocktail sticks and then placed the tubes over the strips and secured in place.  

Ryan added some foam letters using the Xyron 1.5" Disposable Sticker maker and boom we have one recycled nightlight for a kid with a very sweet tooth.  He's so happy he is bringing it to school to show his teacher.

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Xyron products supplied free as part of Xyron DT, candy tubes purchased by myself

Gift tags and wallets with DCWV

Putting the last minute touches to my gift wrapping this week and have been using the lush DCWV Gift Decor DIY Stack which is now available at Michael's Stores or through DCWV .  There are Silver, Gold and Copper tones in the stack as well as acetate snowflakes, topper, tags and more.

Here are just a few of the boxes and wallets that I have made so far. I have used the Xyron Mega runner and Xyron Glue Dots making assembly so much quicker !.

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Christmas Ornaments with Xyron

Hey not long now until Santa Claus comes to town, are you as excited as i am?.  There is still some time left for making some last minute home decor projects, I decorated a plain ole wooden sleigh and it's now hanging in my hallway.

I want to wish you all a very peaceful and Merry Christmas, thank you for all your support and comments this year and I hope to see you all again in 2017.


Stampendous 'Shabby White' Enamel Powder
Ranger 'Avocado' Liquid Pearls
Pebeo Black Gesso
8" x 6" Wooden Sleigh

How it's done!

I painted the sleigh with the gesso and allowed to dry.
Taking two of the Santa message pocket die cuts use the Xyron Mega Runner i assembled and adhered them to the sleigh.
I inserted the sentiment card cut outs into the pockets and then added a snow effect using a liquid glue and the enamel powder with a heat gun.

Using the Ranger 'Avocado' Pearl Drops I added some tint to the sleigh and drops to the front.  To finish I added a sprig of berries and added a red ribbon for hanging.

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Vintage Carriage Clock with Xyron and Tim Holtz

Hi guys I have another Xyron and Tim Holtz partnership project for you today.

Yeah I'm upcycling again and this time I took a drab looking clock and gave it a vintage look.  I sprung out some of my vintage Tim Holtz stamps for this one.

Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Vintage Carriage Clock


Black Ink
Matt Mod Podge

Putting it together

I totally took the clock apart, I wanted to 'age' the dial so used the distress inks and stamped the front before reassembly.

I gave the casing a coating of  black paint and covered the front with paper cut to size.  I used the Creative Station for the larger pieces.

For the smaller side pieces and drawer front i used the 1.5" disposable sticker maker.  Again I inked the papers using the distress inks.  Using the stamps i added flourish details and then coated the whole casing with matt mod podge for durability.  Once dry I pieced the clock back together.

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All products provided as part of the Xyron Design Team

Christmas Wreath with Xyron and DCWV

Hey there, how are your Christmas preparations coming along? I have been busy with some home decor projects for the holidays that have been popping up on my Facebook and Twitter pages but today I am sharing the absolutely easiest wreath that I have EVER made and it's all thanks to the fabulous DCWV Seasonal Wreath Stack from DCWV and my trusted crafty tool the Xyron Mega Runner.  Oh have you seen the gorgeous new colour Xyron Mega Runner?, it's available on HSN and comes as part of an adhesive kit, once you try it you will never look back.

Christmas Wreath

This wreath is great for hanging but also for table decor, I am going to the store tomorrow to find a large red candle in a glass container to stand in the middle for the table.


Red Buttons
Green Ranger Liquid Pearls
12 x 12 Piece of cardboard 

Hey Presto!

 OK this is so simple because DCWV have included pictorial instructions and templates within the stack.  All you have to do is decide which of the papers you want to use.  To speed up the cutting of the petals i folded the page in an accordion fold and placed the templates on top and traced before cutting, this gives multiple petals in half the time.

I used my Xyron Mega Runner to apply adhesive to the tips of the petals before forming the flowers.  I made four different styles of flower from the one petal shape.  I curled up one flower, curled back on an other, twisted the third and for the fourth I creased the petals down the middle.
To add the flowers to the wreath base I used the Xyron Mega runner to apply adhesive on the base and added flowers as I worked my way around the wreath.  I packed them tightly to give a fuller look to the wreath.

To finish I added buttons to the flower centers and some liquid pearls to the more hidden flowers.

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products supplied as part of the Xyron Design Team