Rustic Heart Wall Decor

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Ah Valentines week, a week when PDA's, over extravagant floral bouquets and copious amounts of chocolate are universally acceptable.  I freely admit I ate my weight in candy and had a fabulous Valentines day.  So much so that I was inspired to create a new home decor piece with my favorite
DecoArt products 

Rustic Heart Wall Plaque


Red Organza
Red Seed Beads
10" MDF Heart

To Create

Prepare the MDF base with two coats of white gesso, allow to dry fully.  Mix one part water with one part PVA glue and spray generously over the surface and allow to dry slightly.

Before the PVA has dried completely crumple up a sheet of tissue, open it out without flattening it and place over the surface of the MDF heart.

Press firmly in place, you want to have lots of texture and creases so do not stretch the tissue, allow it to crumple.

Dry completely, a heat gun or dryer can speed up the process.  To remove the surplus tissue around the edges I find that using a sanding block rubbed along the edges in a downward motion provides a clean edge and prevents the tissue from tearing which can happen when using a craft knife.

I wanted a matt finish so I used the DecoArt Chalk Finish paint to cover the entire piece.

To create the edge shading I first used the 'Sap Green' applied in a light sweeping motion from the edges towards the center to create a fading effect and allowed to dry before then using the 'Carbon' lightly around the edges and blend into the Sap Green.

Using a script stamp from my stash and black ink I added stamped segments to the surface. Followed by some light shading using the 'Enchanted' green to the top left corner and the right side of the heart as a base for the floral die cuts. 

Using the 'Birds' stencil and the 'Carbon' Chalky Finish Paint I added the beautiful bird silhouette to the surface before adding the Handmade flowers made from the new Florartistry dies (Launching Soon).

Around the blooms and foliage I added some shading using more of the 'Carbon' with a soft brush using light strokes to finish.

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Florartistry Dies Launching Soon

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