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Hey everyone, so excited today as this is my first project as part of the DecoArt Outreach Bloggers Programme. So I had a piece of MDF measuring 11" x 4" and decided to make some home decor lushness.  Details and a mini tutorial below.


How it's done

First prime the MDF with a layer of white gesso and allow to dry.

Next I used the stencil and chose the dandelion portion as my pattern and using the dimensional effect paste I added the motif to the entire piece of MDF.  Make sure to clean the stencil of any excess dimensional paste, the best way is to use a spatula and return the paste to the tub for future use.

Before adding the acrylic I wanted to ensure that the dimensional effect paste was fully dry.  I used a dryer to speed things up.

For the base wash I took two parts Cobalt Teal Hue and one part water, mixed together and then using a soft wide brush I applied a coat to the base and allowed it to dry fully.

Next I mixed one part Primary Cyan and one part water together and brushed a light coating of this onto the base but concentrated on smaller areas rather than covering the whole piece and before it dried I dabbed it back a little with tissue to reduce the intensity of the color and give it a more stained look.

Once dried I used some of the Green Gold in light strokes in small areas and again using tissue dabbed the color to mute it a little and soften the blending.  I then used a damp paintbrush to soften the blending a little more to remove any 'edges'

Using one part Primary Magenta and three parts water mixed together and a smaller soft brush I used a 'tapping' technique with the brush to create paint drops onto the canvas, again dabbing with tissue to soften the tone.

 Once dry using my finger I rubbed in a little of the Antiquing Cream around the edges of the canvas to 'age' it a little.

Finally to give the Illusion of some shadows I use a regular 0.5 felt pen to add a few dashes along the edges of the dimensional areas .

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  1. Oh my goodness this is just gorgeous. I love the colours and everything about it. You have inspired me to have a try at something similar. Thank you for the inspiration. XX


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