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Hey everyone, how has your weekend been?  Mine was spend relaxing after the hustle and bustle of last weekend at CHSI in Birmingham showcasing my new 'Florartistry' range !!!.  More on that in a future post but I wanted to share with you a mixed media project using a florartistry die cut and my favourite DecoArt Mixed Media products.  This project was shown at CHSI and people went crazy for it !.

I took a 14" x 14" wood panel and made it Bloom!


How it's done

Prepare the work surface with a coating of the white gesso and allow to dry fully.  Using a heat gun or dryer will help speed things up.

Next I gave the board a 'sky' effect wash my using a soft brush in sweeping strokes using a mix of the Serene and Primary Cyan and a little white.  Mixing the chalk with the acrylic adds to the dimensional look.

Allow to dry fully

Die cut the Sunflower Sunset stencil using thick card and use this with the texture medium to add the pattern to the base board.  Allow to dry or use a dryer as you work to avoid smudging and continue until the board is covered.

Using thick card gives the motif more depth.

The covered panel fully dry and ready for a further color wash.

The application of the color wash is more random, I used a palette and mixed one part colour to two parts water and using a soft brush I lightly brushed random areas of the board with different colours but blended them together where they meet while ensuring the the brush strokes all faced the same direction (down).

Once dried I lightly brushed areas of the textured paste with the Yellow Oxide

Continue all over the panel.

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Florartistry Dies Launching Soon

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