Kids Craft Nightlight with Xyron

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Yikes another term with Xyron is coming to a close, where does the time go?.  For the final project of the term we had to come up with some fun projects that children could make with Xyron and I was in my craft room brainstorming with the smallest little helper and he was playing with an empty candy tube and a mini torch when we had a real lightbulb moment, literally.

When he shone the torch into the tube it lit up and he said how cool it would be to have a nightlight made from the tube !.  

We raided the cabinets for the remaining Christmas candy and emptied the tubes into a jar and yippie we had enough tubes for a mini nightlight.

So project manager Ryan dug out some left over christmas lighting strips, an old cardboard box lid and the candy tubes.  I grabbed my Xyron Creative Station, Xyron 1.5" disposable Sticker Maker, Xyron High Tack Double Sided Adhesive, Xyron Mega Runner and some fun paper from the DCWV 'Chic Chat' stack and away we went.

To prepare the tubes we removed the lids but kept them safe as they will be glued back into place.  On the bottom of the tubes we removed the bases carefully.

Ryan added strips of the double sided adhesive to one side of each tube.

For the base we took the box lid and covered it using the Xyron Creative Station.

On the side we made a window for the on/off switch control

We lined the tubes up and stuck them together and using a pencil marked out the outline so we could make the holes for the lighting strip.

Once we had threaded the lighting strip through we secured the strips upright using some cocktail sticks and then placed the tubes over the strips and secured in place.  

Ryan added some foam letters using the Xyron 1.5" Disposable Sticker maker and boom we have one recycled nightlight for a kid with a very sweet tooth.  He's so happy he is bringing it to school to show his teacher.

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Xyron products supplied free as part of Xyron DT, candy tubes purchased by myself


  1. Love this my grandson wud too. Where do you get this sorted of lights at?they don't appear to look like your average string of lights do they.thanx

    1. Hi Lynda. I bought the lights in Primark !, they have them in little packs. They are called LED Light Strips.


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