DCWV Dazzling Resin Jewel Christmas Frame

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Here is my final DCWV Dazzling Resin Jewel Sheet project and it's and up-cycled frame.  Perfect for holding those precious Christmas memories.


Christmas Ribbon
Xyron 1.5" Sticker Maker

How it's Done

I took one of the silver sheets and removed the backing and placed it face down.  Then I placed the frame face down on the adhesive side of the sheet and cut around the outside and inside edges. (Place the cut away pieces back on the carrier sheet for use at another time).

I decided on a pattern for the colored squares and then with a pencil I marked the top of the jewels that I wanted to remove.

Using a sharp scalpel I cut around the jewels to be removed and lifted them off.

I then cut out the colored jewels and placed them in the empty spaces.  This is so quick and easy.  You could make any pattern you wanted or introduce text to your frame.

On the inside rim of the frame I placed strips of red.

On the outside of the frame I also used strips of red cut to size.

I ran the ribbon through my Xyron 1.5" Sticker Maker and placed it on the frame and tucked in the ends under the jewel sheet.

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