DCWV Dazzling Resin Christmas Baubles with Blue Moon Beads and Xyron

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Today's project is all about making some festive decorations for the Christmas Tree,  By combining the DCWV Dazzling Resin Jewel Sheets with the DCWV Christmas Creations Stack and the New Holiday Lights Charms from Blue Moon Beads the results are dazzling !



Blue Moon Beads Holiday Lights Festive Charms
Foam Balls
Organza Ribbon

How they are made

Mark the back of the paper with a grid of 2" x 2" squares, cut them out.  Cut each square in half to create two triangles.  On the top of the bauble run 2" square through the Xyron 2" Sticker Maker , add an eyelet and ribbon, cut 1" slits from the corners towards the center and adhere to the top of the bauble.  On the base again run a 2" square through the Xyron 3" sticker maker , cut the slits and adhere to the bottom.  Then start at the bottom and add layers of triangles until you reach the top forming the 'pine cone'

I love these new charms from Blue Moon Beads, they add so much fun to any project.

OK this looks tricky but once you attach the first triangle the rest is easier.  I marked the foam ball around the center, then I divided the top and bottom into six segments.  I measured and cut out six green and six silver triangles.  As the ball is curved you will need to cut out slits (see picture) to help it curve around the form of the ball.  For the finishing touch I cut strips of red and placed it around the lines where the silver and green meet.

Although the sheets are self adhesive the tips began to lift from the corners (I suspect because I handled the adhesive side a couple of times) so I used a dab of strong liquid glue to ensure they stayed down.  I also used a dab of glue on the red strips at the beginning and end of the strip.

Here are some other baubles too !

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