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Ah yes the sun has finally come out and I plan to get out a lot more over the next few weeks, and by that I mean I will be crafting outside !.  The garden needs and overhaul and fingers crossed this year I will get the pond finished. My kids plan on hitting the beach that is near us and this gave me the inspiration for my two projects today.  Xyron has partnered with Simple Stories this month and I was given the super cute 'Summer Vibes Collection' to create with.

On our beach we are always finding messages in bottles washed up on the shore and I though that how cool would it be to have a Summer in a Bottle, or to capture summer and have it hanging in the home to remind us that summer is never far away.  I had a large decanter bottle from Ikea and an old box frame that I rescued from a thrift shop for €2. So here are my projects along with tutorial for making your own.



Collall 3d Gel
Crafter's Companion Diamond Spray and Sparkle
Tim Holtz Ranger 'Vintage Photo' Ink pad
Talking Tables Paper Straws
IKEA Kulort Sand
Ikea Decanter
Wooden Box Frame

How they are made

Some of the supplies to give you an idea of the size of the decanter bottle.

To create a background for the diorama, cut a sheet of the 12 x 12 wood print paper down to 6.5" x  6"

Apply adhesive using the mega runner to the reverse of the paper down the length of the longest sides.

Curl up the paper and feed it into the bottle and when inside use a ruler to press down the adhesive edges.

Pour in some of the sand until it is approximately 1.5" high in the bottle.

Using the elements from the Simple Stories 'Bits & Pieces' package, the Xyron Glue Dots and the Straws make some props.

I have used the VW Beetle, Clouds, Balloons, Surf Board and Beach Sign. Once I decided on where they would be placed in the bottle i trimmed down the length of the straws.

Now for the fun part, you will need really long tweezers or maybe a kitchen ice cube pinchers to hold the elements as you feed them into the bottle.

Once all the elements are in the bottle them add the lid to close, decorate along the bottom and bottle rim with washi tape.  To finish add the 'Hello There' Summer' title to the front of the jar.

Tah Dah !, the finished summer in a beach in a bottle .


Now for the framed Summer Dreams.  Here is the frame I bought in the thrift shop, I love recycling and this project will give me summer all winter long.

To open the frame cut around the inside edge with a sharp craft knife.

Remove the frame front and all the elements.  I have saved the flowers to use in a later project.

I love love love these Xyron Glue Sticks, the have a triangular shape so it lets you glue right into the corners of the box, coat the whole inside with the glue.

Measure and fold the 12 x 12 Summer Vibes sunburst paper and place into the box.

Trim away the excess around the edges

For the interior I used the Xyron Creative Station and the 5" Refill to layer the 'I dream of Summers' topper with the backing paper

Using extra thick Foam pads to give dimension

To create the sandy beach, apply a very thick layer of the 3d gel to the bottom of the box and spread out with the spatula, don't be too fussy about getting it smooth,  you want the effect to be uneven.

Pour the sand all over the gel and press gently, shake of any excess.

We now have a beach, for the next part you need to work quickly before the gel sets.

As with the Beach in a bottle use the straws and the glue dots with the elements to make supports.

Trim the straws and then place the pieces into the gel, once the gel hardens the elements will be stuck in place.

To decorate the frame, trim the paper to size and run it through the Xyron Creative Station using the 9" Refill.  Add the the fron t of the frame, trim the excess away.

Ink the edges

Spray with the Diamond Spray and Sparkle

Tah Dah !, the finished diorama.

 Xyron products are available in the UK through Crafter's Companion

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  1. This is fabulous! You've been pinned to our Summer Vibes Pinterest board :) https://www.pinterest.com/simplestories/summer-vibes/

  2. Thank you Layle, it's a fabulous collection and a pleasure to craft with.

  3. Love your project Sharon!! Great job!! Love upcycling and really love what it looked like in the end!


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