Canvas Corp January 4x4 Canvas Challenge

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For our first post for Canvas Corp DT we have been challenged to take a Canvas Corp 4x4 Canvas and create a something that will represent who we are in a creative way.  At first I was a little worried as to how I would manage to fit all I wanted to say on a 4x4 space but in the end I was happy with the result.

So here is my canvas, below I will explain what it represents about me :)

Supplies Used

Prima Flowers
Quilling Tools
Metal Sentiment

What it says about me !

I choose the Black and Amber (Yellow) colour scheme to represent my home City colours.  I am from Kilkenny and extremely proud of our heritage and sporting history.  The 'S' obviously represents my name, but it is large and bold and the quilling portrays the multitude of swirling creative ideas that I have in me and how they all work in different directions but in the end all come together in my projects.  The flowers show how I have bloomed over the years, being a mum and a crafter, and finally 'Live in the Moment' is something I truly believe.  I have had so much taken from me over the years that I appreciate every day and plan to live it like it's my last.

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  1. Cute canvas! I have never done quilling before, but yours looks great. BL


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