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When I got the brief for this assignment I felt like a mother standing in front of her children and being asked to choose a favourite !.  Not an easy thing to do when you use every Xyron machine in the range everyday, so I totally kinda cheated and picked the machine that I use the most.  The Xyron 9" Creative Station has been a life saver for me, especially as I make a lot of 8x8 albums and cards.  It is so versatile and great if you want to apply adhesive to multiple toppers, ribbon etc all at the same time.

Here comes the science bit!

 "The Xyron® 9” Creative Station™ Home (also called the Xyron® 900) is a sticker maker, laminator, and magnet maker all in one. The easy load cartridges will allow you to change applications quickly, to make permanent stickers, repositionable stickers, laminated stickers or magnets, and to laminate both sides of an item. The Xyron® 9" Creative Station™ is an ideal tool for photos, signs, banners, labels and many home, school or office projects. Enjoy applying edge-to-edge, acid-free, permanent or repositionable adhesive to items up to 9" wide. It also laminates or creates magnets with a laminate finish up to 8.5" wide. Simply feed the item in, turn the handle and trim. Includes a removable cut bar for convenient trimming. It’s portable and does not require batteries, electricity, or heat. It comes loaded with a 9" wide x 25' long starter cartridge of acid-free permanent adhesive."

So for my project using the machine I wanted to do create for children something functional, fun and easy to take on car journeys, visiting friends or on holidays.  Yep I'm upcycling again and this time it involves using a wine storage box that I got for €4.


Multi Activity Play Box


Mod Podge
'Lego' Mat
American Crafts Alphabet Sticker
Large Wine Box (3 Bottle Size)

How it's Made

Sliding lid boxes work best, lightly sand the edges to make sure there are no splinters if your box is made of ply wood.

This box was held together with staples that will come apart if dropped and since this is for kids I decided to strengthen the corners and base with 1" brads

On the top of the box measure a third of the way in from the sides and mark drill holes.

On the top edge of the box and around the edges of the lid paint two coats of acrylic paint, this adds a nice finish once covered.

To cover the base I needed to use two 12 x 12 sheets and the box base was a little over 9" I had to use my Xyron Creatopia but if you don't have a Creatopia cover the back in three strips using the Xyron 9" Creative Station.

Tah Dah!, I covered the back first leaving a 1" overlapping border on the sides, then using the 9" Creative Station I covered the side panels.  I applied several coats of Mod Podge around the edges of the box to add protection to the paper.

Poke the holes drilled on the top through the paper, put a little Xyron Teresa Collins Glue in the holes, Thread eyelets onto the ribbon and then place the eyelets in the holes.  make sure enough ribbon is left for the handle.

The lid must have the chalk board on the inside, if you put the Lego board on the inside the lid won't slide into the box.

On the top of the lid is the Lego board.

The back of the box is where I put the road play area.

The sides of the box have a checkers, Snakes & Ladders and Tic Tac Toe.  I used buttons for markers.

In Silhouette Design Studio I created a counting race game, if you would like the cutting file for a limited time (offer ends March 1st 2015) I will be able to email it to you for free.  If you would like the file please email me at

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  1. Very creative, wonderful project.


  2. Very cool project, what a great way to store legos. BL


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