Xyron and DCWV Re-Purposed Picture Frame Message Board

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Wanna know how to turn a two euro picture frame into a twenty euro pin board that is soooooooooo cute!!!, grab your Xyron and DCWV cork and here we go!!!.


Don't Forget to Remember!!!

Supplies Used

DCWV 'Cork' Stack
DCWV 'Burlap' Stack
DCWV 'Corrigated' Stack
Maya Road Karaft Decorative Tags K2224
Ranger 'Avacado' Liquid Pearls
Thick cork mat
A4 Plastic Frame

(To purchase Xyron in the UK go to Crafter's Companion, click here)


How it's made

Get your supplies together

Using the back board of the frame, lay it on the cork mat and mark around the edges, cut out and run through the Xyron 9" Creative Station

Adhere to the backboard making sure to cut away any excess

Insert into the back of the frame to ensure it fits and then remove an put to one side

Turning the frame over I notice that the corner marking on the rear actually mirror the inside of the front, so I use this as my guide to cut the front covering to size.

Once the front covering is cut to size I placed it inside the frame and marked out the centre ready for cutting away.  I cut around the outside of the line to allow for the dotty boarder of the frame.

Keep the cut out for a future project

Although there was adhesive already on the polka for cork sheeting to make it extra secure I used the Xyron Double Sided High Tack Tape

Roughly cut out leaves from the DCWV burlap and the corrugated DCWV paper, inking the corrugated paper and.......

....... using a q-tip and ink make some polka dots on the burlap to match the cork.

to bring out the detail on the frame I rubbed it with the 'Avocado' Ranger Liquid Pearls to finish.


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