Xyron and DCWV Multi Frame Wall Art

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I hold my hands up and admit that I buy IKEA deep frames by the basket full !, They are so versatile for creating keepsakes and for displaying little treasures.  For this project I wanted to mimic the effect you get my placing multiple frames together on a wall but this piece has all the frames joined together so they keep the form I envisaged when choosing the backing papers.  Give it a try with Xyron and your favourite DCWV stack !


Snapshots of Love !

Supplies Used

Three frames
Wooden Circles
Ranger Ink Pad

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How it's Made

Supplies at the ready!

Strip out all three frames and cut three pieces of cover paper larger than the frame and run through the Xyron 9" Creative Station

Place the cover paper face down on the workstation and the press down the frames 

Trim away the excess but put the cut outs back onto the Xyron backing sheet for using on a future project, no waste !

Ink the outer and inner edges of the frame fronts

Using the back of the frame measure and cut three backing pieces and run through the Xyron 5" Creative Station and cover the frame backs

Cut out all the toppers and elements and prepare for framing

In the centre frame apply a small amount of adhesive to the bottom right and top left corner

place at a slant into the frame against the glass, the adhesive will be hidden by the frame

Hold the glass in place and give depth by using a foam strip around the inside

Fix the back to the frame and your centre piece is finished.

With the other frames use foam pads to raise the toppers and decorate sticking all to the backing and then fixing into the frame.  Use a hot glue to stick the frames together in a stepped formation.

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  1. Hi Sharon, your projects are absolutely lovely :)

    QUESTION: I am wonderful about your May 7th Xyron post here: http://sharoncalliscrafts.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2014-03-20T22:57:00Z&max-results=9&start=4&by-date=false. I don't remember ever seeing a post on who won, but I don't mean to bother you either. Just curious ya know :) Hugs and have a great day

    1. Hi Linsey, The winner was Jessica Schoon and it was posted under her comment on the link :)


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