Stitchable iPhone covers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:23 PM SharonCallisCrafts 5 Comments

OK when I saw these by connect design I thought WOW I can now make a personalised cover for my iPhone and some for my friends too.  The site sells the covers and offers some free patterns as well.  If you like cross stitching and want to make a quick and unique gift for somebody then give this a try, I know I will.

Click on the image to go to the website. (you may need google translator)


  1. great idea Sharon - if you check out my versatile blogger post on my blog you'll find something there for you xx Rachel xx

  2. I feel quite sad to not have an iPhone anymore, these are a great find!! What a brilliant idea xx

  3. ohhhh sooo adorable... i like this for my iphone!! love it~

  4. Wary case and fit for my iPhone. I like this iPhone Covers and also the interpretation is like-worthy. actually, agreeable covers are available here.


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